Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working off the Clock

Is your employer requireing you to work off the clock? We first saw this situation arising in cases where an employer required an employee to shower in and out from work and then put on a uniform of some sort prior to punching in to start their shift. This type of practice required the employee to be at the place of employment 30 minutes to an hour prior to starting their shift just so that they could start on time. In essence this caused the employee to work off the clock. The employee is entitled to recover twice the amount owed for these hours (many of which were overtime hours), and attorneys fees.

We are seeing a new type of case arise where call center employees are being forced to arrive at work before their shifts start to complete administrative functions. They are also forced or encouraged to complete other essential administrative tasks during lunches, breaks, and after their shift ends. If you think that you may be working off the clock please call the Paulus Law Firm at 816-581-4040 and visit our website at