Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Former Coach Mike McQueary of Penn State University Files Whistleblower Suit Against University

Former Penn State University Assistant Coach Mike McQueary has filed suit against the University alleging that he was terminated because he was effectively a whistleblower in the Sandusky case. It is well known at this point that McQueary saw Sandusky engaging in illegal actions at the football facilities and reported the incident to Head Coach Joe Paterno. McQueary also reported the incident to ivestigators from the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office.

McQueary is alleging that he was the only the Penn State Assistant Coach to not be allowed to interview when now-Head Coach Bill O'Brien took over after Paterno's resignation. Essentially, McQueary is alleging that he was wrongfully terminated for whistleblowing, which is a practice that public policy encourages.

Both Missouri and Kansas have adopted causes of action for Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy. Several practices, including whistleblowing, are considered to be viable causes of action, although this is an area of law that is rapidly evolving.

If you have been terminated for engaging in conduct that public policy would encourage or for refusing to take part in illegal conduct, please contact the Paulus Law Firm to see what rights you may have.

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